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EH301 125KHz reader

  • Product description
  • See config Video and download instruction Manual here
  • RFID Reader read both 125KHz 1326 family ISO Prox whole family cards & EM ID EM4100 cards together, HID USB device no driver request
  • 125KHz RFID reader supports EM4100 ID cards and also 1326 1346 1386 ISO Prox card, H10301 H10304 format etc.
  • RFID Reader with 40 output formats for EM4100 ID card UID, max. 40 bits card number in 10H or 13 digital decimal format, configurable with config card by user
  • Proximity card reader sends 125KHz proximity card 1326 family card number in 40 type formats or in raw wiegand bit data format, from 24 bit to 80 bits data, easy for understanding 1326 family card type
  • Card reader HID USB no driver is request, simulate keyboard input, QWERTY AZERTY keyboard layout configurable,works in Linux Andriod Windows MacOS

    1. Profile
    RFID reader 125K USB reader for both 125KHz 1326 family(ISO Prox whole family cards) & EM4100 cards,HID USB,driver free. Configurable to send card number in 40 formats satisfy for most system easily

    Advantage: Read both EM ID card & 125kHz proximity card 1326 family card

    2. Feature:
    -Read 125KHz proximity card 1326 family which are common in USA, read EM ID card
    -Reads cards 10301 10304 formats, ISO, Prox, 24/26/30/32 to 37/40 bits are decoded
    -USB reader HID Driver free for WinX, Linux, iOS, Android(Android device needs OTG adapter)
    -Configurable in 40 kind output formats to fit different system by config card
    -USB reader supports QWERTY, AZERTY keyboard layout
    -USB reader special function to send RAW Wiegand Data of 1326 family cards for easy understanding the card
    -Default setting: 10 digits decimal number, QWERTY KB, data appeared on focused window

    3. Specification:
    -Power: USB port
    -Cousume: Std 40mA ; Max 100mA
    -Distance: cards 3-8cm;fob 1-4cm
    -Freq.: 125KHz
    -Temp.: -20°C -- +70°C
    -Support: 1326 1346 etc Family cards & fobs, EM ID cards
    -Certification: CE