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FissaiD 125KHz Writer

  • Product description
  • See operation Video and Download windows pc software here
  • 1. Description
    FissaiD 125KHz writer allows the use to write up to three type low frequency(125kHz) RFID keycards/keyfobs(HID,AWID,EM-ID) with intended UID number, or duplicate an existing card.
  • .Allows the use to read write & copy three type Low Frequency (125kHz)RFID credentials(HID,AWID,EM-ID)
  • .Write indented UID with FC & number onto rewritable keycards/keyfobs from FissaiD
  • .Read-Copy function reads 125K Proximity Card AW-ID/H-ID/EM-ID all format UID then simple duplicate onto FissaiD cards/fobs
  • .Fobs & cards are wroten into 1386 number, Can be read on reader which 1326 cards works or Re-write on this RFID programmer
  • .RFID writer USB plug-play, software support windows, download on line & try before purchasing avoid unnecessary return

  • Advantage:
    1: Supports HID,AWID,EMID low frequency 125KHz proximity card
    2: Read-Copy Function, simplest to duplicate ALL 125KHz HID/AWID/EM-ID 1326/1346/1386/ISO/Prox cards
    3: Programmer Function, encode intended UID number onto rewritable keycards/keyfobs from FissaiD

    2. Feature:
    -Allows the use to copy 3 RFID credentials(125kHz)
    -Allows the use to write indented UID with FC & number onto rewritable cards/fobs from FissaiD
    -USB HID device no driver is requested, plug and play function
    -Not support Cards:125K ProLite,Indala and All 13.56M Cards

    3. Package includes:
    -1x EHACP-WR
    -5x fobs
    -5x card
    -1x USB cable