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Mifare Reader Writer

  • Product description

  •      See Operation Video and Download instruction Manual and Writer Windows Software here
  • Product Profile

  • .1 Mifare card WRITER/Mifare Card UID READER simulate keyboard input/Mifare Card UID READER USB 2.0 communication; The Reader intergated 3 working modes, switched with config card.
  • .2 Mifare card READER mode reads UID of 14443A Mifare card, include Mifare Classic,UltraLight,Mifare Plus, Mifare Desfire,Mifare N-TAG/card emulation.
  • .3 Mifare 13.56MHz RFID READER interface is HID USB, has 28 output formats, Configurable to simulate USB keyboard input or USB 2.0 controlled by your own program, satisfy most common system.
  • .4 Mifare card WRITER mode is USB 2.0 interface, windows software to read & write Mifare Classic 1K/4K card sector data, Mifare card writer mode supports 1K/4K memory card only.
  • .5 Mifare 13.56M reader supports Android Linux Windows iOs, OTG adapter is requested under Android, easy for RFID card system developer, VB6 code/debug Tool can be downlaod on line.

  • FissaiD Mifare card WRITER/READER integrated 3 function in one equipment:

    -1. Mifare card UID reader simulate keyboard input-- driver free, send data to cursor location after reading directly.
    -2. Mifare card reader USB2.0-- HID USB interface, controlled by your own program to send card UID.
    -3. Mifare card programmer-- Mifare card sector data R/W.

    -In function 1 and 2 , Reader read UID from card list as:
    ... ISO14443A
    ... Mifare Ultralight
    ... Mifare Nano/EV1/C
    ... Mifare Classic EV1
    ... Mifare Plus S/SE/S/EV1 ... Mifare Desfire EV1/EV2
    ... N-TAG Card Emulation

    -In function 3, Reader/Writer support:
    ... Mifare Classic 1K/4K(S50/S70) memory card only, and only windows software is provided.

    -Switch functions by config card:

    -28 output formats
    -Default: UID reader, output 10 digitals number
    -Power: USB port
    -Consume: Standby 30mA ; max 100mA
    -Reading range: upto 2-8cm
    -Frequency: 13.56M
    -Certification: CE