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Wiegand converter USB

Product description  

DownLoad instruction MANUAL and APPLICATION DEMO Here

1. Product Profile
    A professioanl Wiegand Converter for adapter Wiegand device to Serial/TTL/ABA T2 to host machine or get data from serial & output it via Wiegand.
   Configurable in 5 Functions: Wiegand to Serial/TTL/ABA/PS2 converter, Wiegand simulator that get data from serial and send it via wiegand.

  • .Wiegand converter accepts wiegand data from 1 to 128 bits & Auto identify the wiegand bit length
  • .Configurable as wiegand to serial RS232 converter, PS2/TTL/ABA converter or RS232 Serial to wiegand converter, configurable output as HEX/Decimal/Raw wiegand data
  • .Wiegand adapter for matching wiegand device to serial/ABA/TTL access control system or Auto control, A professioanl wiegand analyzer for understanding 3rd part wiegand device
  • .Wiegand reader simulator, accept data from serial then transfer it to host via wiegand as a wiegand reader, support Android Window Linus or ioS System
  • .Industrial dardware design as ESD protection, wiegand OC driver O/P distance upto 60 meters, ABS case, 7-15 DC power or 5V from USB port, buzzer enable/distable,QWERTY/AZERTY Configurable

2. Feature:
-Accept and Auto identify wiegand input from 1-128 bits fromat
-Output via serial RS232 /TTL/ USB/ABA track2 for Linux/Android/Windows/iOS
-5 Functions: Wiegand to serial/TTL/PS2/ABA, RS232 to Wiegand adapter
-3 Output type HEX, DEC, Raw Wiegand
-Buzzer sounds for result indicationt
-Support QWERTY AZERTY keyboard layout
-configuable: Function, O/P type, K.B layout & buzzer on/off
-Default setting:Wiegand to PS2; Decimal O/P,QWERTY, Buzzer on

3. Specification:
-Power suppler: 5V from USB port, or external power 7-15V
-Cousume: Standby 10mA ; (max 100mA with buzzer beeps)
-Wiegand Operation range: 60 meters
-Operation temperature: -20°C --- +70°C
-Operation humidity: 5%-95% (no condensing).

Package list:
- WGTooL converter: 1 PCs
- Instruction menu : 1 PCs

4. Quick Test or How to Use:
-Connect standard wiegand reader O/P to D1,D0,GND and Power on reader.
-Connect USB MiniB cable on wiegand converter J1 and PC.
-Open Excel or Note.
-Read card on wiegand reader, Buzzer will sound and card number will be show on window.

5. Output Type Example:
A Wiegand Reader send 26 bit wiegand as 1 0001 0001 0010 0010 0011 0011 0
Ouputt HEX: 112233(ASCII)
Output DEC: 0001122867(ASCII)
Output Raw Wiegand: 02 1A 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 22 44 66 03 0D (HEX)